"We at Dar El-Sindjad welcome your participation in our affiliate program. This policy aims to establish a structured and transparent framework that outlines the terms and conditions you must adhere to when joining as our marketing partner. Please carefully read and agree to all terms before participating in our affiliate program.



The candidate must be of average age above 18 to join as a marketing partner in our affiliate program.

You will be granted a commission of up to 20% on the net revenue generated from sales made through your marketing efforts.
**:Marketing Terms**

- You must have marketing channels that qualify you to participate in our affiliate program, including banner ads, text links, email, and your creative content.
- Adherence to email laws issued by the Communications Regulatory Authority is mandatory, and customer privacy must be respected.
- Prohibited from creating a page and marketing under the name Dar El-Sindjad.
- Providing honest descriptions of fabric, sizes, and prices is mandatory.
- Marketing in official store accounts is prohibited, and any violation will result in code suspension, contract termination, and handing over the dues to the marketer.
- The marketer acknowledges compliance with the system and general law while conducting their marketing activities. They clarify that they are an external party and do not represent Dar El-Sindjad in matters beyond the scope of commission-based marketing.
**:Use of Dar El-Sindjad Name**

You are not allowed to use the name Dar Al-Sinjad or any of its forms in pop-up ads at the top or back, such as your ad campaign name for redirecting campaigns, in payment notification app ads, or through misleading and deceptive messages.
**:Prohibited Content**

You may not promote Dar El-Sindjad in explicit sexual material, violent material, defamatory material, or any illegal activities.
**:Compensation and Payment**

Commissions will be paid on a monthly basis when profits reach 5000 Algerian Dinars or more.
You must specify a valid payment method to receive your commissions.
The marketer is entitled to the full commission even in the case of a return.
If the customer does not receive the order, the marketer is not eligible for commission.

We commit to providing clear and regular reports outlining the revenues and commissions earned.
You can review the performance of your campaign at any time through your dashboard.
**:Legal Compliance**

You must comply with state laws and applicable regulations when promoting our products.
You are responsible for the content of your ads and marketing, and you must respect intellectual property rights and trademarks.
**:Duration and Termination**

The affiliate program begins upon approval of the membership application.
The marketer has the right to terminate the affiliation at any time without giving reasons.
We, at Dar El-Sindjad, have the right to terminate the affiliate agreement at any time if we suspect a violation of this policy, state laws, or damage to our reputation.
**:Changes and Amendments**

We reserve the right to make changes to the affiliate policy and the mechanism for dealing with amendments.
**Company Name:** Dar El-Sindjad

**Last Policy Update Date:** 25/01/2024"